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Pipelines, Reservoirs, Valves

Pipeline coating, reinforcement and restoration of damaged pipelines, tanks coating and floor replacement, and protecting valves

Pipeline (Burial/Non-Burial), Pipe Welding Surface

Corrosion has been a major cost in the operation of oil and gas facilities. The cost of corrosion to oil and gas pipelines alone is more than $500 million per year

The effects of soil corrosion and various climatic conditions can shorten the life of the structure used. Therefore, pipelines are generally covered by anti-corrosion and placed in a burial canal. 

COATECT has been approved by many operators for more than 20 years and used as a competitive and reliable protection. Coatect is more resistant, cheaper and easier to apply than other coatings.

Reinforcement and Restoration of Damaged Pipeline

Main advantages of using COATECT Products

Repair damaged pipeline with Coatect

Easy process

Coating pipeline with Coatect

Tanks Coating & Tanks Floor Replacement

The usual process for tank re-bottoming is a lengthy and costly process

Coatect coated tanks

Main advantages of using COATECT

Coatect coated oil tanks


Coatect 700 is a cost-effective solution for valves protection
Coatect protected valves
Coatect protected valves
Coatect protected valves
Coatect protected valves

Our Expertise

Coating of pipes
Coatect coating inside a tank
Coatect coated tank
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