Infrastructure & Construction Industries

Protection, repairs and flooring solutions

Repairing damaged concrete structures, protection of concrete against extreme climatic conditions, and long-lasting flooring solutions

Repairing Damaged Concrete Structures

In most industries, the use of concrete is inevitable. Repairing damaged concrete structures by adding new concrete is not possible nor sustainable.

Protection of Concrete

Coating of surface protection of concrete structures against fire corrosion & abrasion

Protection of concrete
Concrete protection
Repair and protection of concrete
Repair and protection of concrete

Repairs of Concrete Structures

Concrete protection
Repair of concrete structures
Repair of concrete structures

Repairs of concrete structures of dams and spillways wall, tanks, leakage and reinforcement.

 In this particular industry, due to very strict health regulations, the quality of polymers used is crucial. Coatect products have proudly achieve more than 20 years without any leakage and without the need to be repaired after the first application.

Flooring Solutions

Flooring of industrial places, baths, educational buildings, sport complexes, and parkings.

Polymer flooring coatings is one of the most commonly used solution in sanitary, home, office, and industrial areas.

Coatect products are used by all industries, including the military.

Airport Aprons

Apron airports is made of concrete structures and steel reinforcements. This section of the structures has particular sensitivities. 

This Coatect product is a special technology capable to renovate concrete structures of airport aprons. This product was developed after four years of research to ensure efficiency in all weather conditions; from winter frost, to extreme summer heat with UV light effects. 

In this field, most of the projects can be done quickly, at a very low cost and with higher quality than concrete structures .

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